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Welcome to PromtyfAI –

Simplify Complexity - to Understand the World

We are a team of Business Enablers and Biz Tech Enthusiasts. Our passion for the latest technologies was ignited during the Dot-Com Hype. Since then, we have been constantly striving to simplify complexity for our clients, identifying and making accessible meaningful use cases for their everyday business. Especially for CEOs, continuous learning and enablement are crucial in these fast-paced times to remain successful tomorrow.

PromtyfAI Your Board: Capability Building as an Accelerator

PromtyfAI is an initiative of Play To Change GmbH, a boutique for digital transformation in the German-speaking area, headquartered in Hamburg and Zurich. The focus is on management methods of tech giants and our own developed method ‘Play To Change’, where we transform serious issues from problem areas into solution spaces in a playful manner. For years, we have been supporting CEOs, supervisory boards, advisory boards, and C-level executives as a trusted digital companion on their journey to the digital future. We see ourselves as your ‘Partner in Crime’, passionately committed to capability building. We view this as a crucial accelerator, but above all, as a necessity for company-wide transformations. We believe – just like McKinsey – that most companies invest too little or too late in developing the necessary capabilities required for successful change.

Shortcuts for Leadership in a Digital World

With PromtyfAI, we continue our pioneering work. We bring you closer to the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence and offer “Shortcuts” for its future application. Our main goal? To train you and your team in AI Fluency – be it through “Prompting”, “Prompt Writing”, or other methods used in the AI world. We translate what many know as the “art of Googling” into handling advanced AI platforms like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing, Claude, and many more. Our mission is to identify use cases with you that create a productivity and quality boost for your work.

Our journey into the world of digital transformation has just begun – as we like to say: “This journey is 1% finished.” We accompany you on this exciting path, today and tomorrow!

Leila Summa



Leila Summa has been an online pioneer from the very beginning and has been supporting and leading digital transformation projects #media houses #marketing #communication #sales #hr #IT in traditional and digital companies for more than 25 years.

Since then, she has strived for human progress and digital impact. She was one of the first sales employees at Facebook Germany in 2011. She then set up XING Marketing Solution GmbH as managing director. As the founder and managing director of the boutique agency Play To Change GmbH in 2017, she and her network partners give managers in various roles (board, digital advisory board and senior advisor, mentor, speaker) impulses in strategy and its implementation and shortcuts for the digital world.

In her role as workshop facilitator, she is described as an entrepreneurial, energetic and passionate individual who achieves sustainable results and business impact by promoting out-of-the-box thinking, an inclusive facilitation style and a growth-oriented spirit.

Leila Summa leading digital transformation projects
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Marco Kleine-Böhme



Marco Kleine-Böhme is a renowned AI and data strategy consultant with over 20 years of experience across various industries and roles. As an independent consultant, he drives data-driven initiatives in mid-sized companies.

His impressive career includes senior positions such as the VP of Data & Analytics at Studitemps GmbH and the Head of Analytics at XING SE. Marco has developed and implemented transformative technology strategies to lead companies into the data-driven future.

He is particularly an expert in optimizing marketing and sales, applying advanced analytics and AI, and developing comprehensive data strategies. His upcoming book “Data Mastery for Midsize Businesses” attests to his deep expertise and commitment to supporting companies in their digital transformation.