AI Fluency: Prompt Writing

For C-Level Executives and Those Aspiring to Stay On Top

Don't understand it, but use it



Stop just talking about AI! Begin mastering prompt writing skills today. “AI won’t replace people – but people who use AI will replace those who don’t.” – Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business Review, 08/23

In an age where most are adept at Google searches, crafting precise “prompts” is the next step in leadership evolution. An IBM study suggests that 40% of employees will need to reskill within the next three years based on their job roles. This skill is paramount in our interconnected and dynamic workplace. Accurate and succinct prompts, along with the right queries, hasten decision-making and guide teams efficiently. Effective leaders must not just rely on searches but also excel in prompt writing.Embrace the future in this digital age. Proficiency in tools like ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Claude, and others is indispensable for Managers, Executives, Board Members, and those aiming to thrive in their careers.The best part? You don’t need to master AI; you simply need to leverage it.

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Why Is Prompt Writing Essential?


Why Is

“AI won’t replace people – but those who harness AI will supplant those who don’t.” This statement underscores the significance of honing prompt writing skills to remain competitive. The benefits are manifold:

Productivity Boost 40% & 18% higher quality

Harvard and Stanford studies show that ChatGPT can notably enhance productivity for daily professional writing tasks. Those using ChatGPT were 40% quicker and produced 18% superior content..

Source:</span class=”science-link”> Science.Org

Competitive Edge: Better & Faster Decision Making

Utilize AI to generate ideas and simplify complex concepts for better decision-making.

Harness AI Tools

Identify areas ripe for AI-led automation across your organization.

Understand the capabilities of tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing to tackle skill shortages.

But also just help you in your daily Multilingual conversation and simplify it.

Act as role model for your company

Impress your manager & employees with state-of-the-art prompt writing proficiency, inspiring them to follow suit.

Eager to elevate your AI prompt writing skills? Our “AI Prompt Writing for C-Level” program is tailor-made for you, ensuring you grasp the nuances of text-based AI tools.

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„Ich war beeindruckt, was heute mit einfachen Prompts alles möglich ist, um die eigenen Effizienz im Arbeiten zu steigern. Play To Change hat mir die Augen geöffnet, wie man ChatGPT eben nicht nur als „Suche“, sondern als cleverer Assistent nutzt, um auch in komplexen Sachverhalten mittels interaktivem Vorgehen und guten „Prompt Writing“ – sehr gute Erkenntnisse gewinnt. Es erweitert dabei definitiv die Handlungsfreiheit im Job – insbesondere auf C-Level, wo man sich manchmal ganz schon alleine fühlt in Entscheidungsprozessen.“

Karsten Reinholz, CEO REINHOLZ Technologies, Automation Pioneer / Industry-Automatisierung

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